Alan Boden, Registered Clinical Counsellor

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Hello. I can help.

I'm Alan Boden, a registered clinical counsellor and I provide comprehensive and supportive mental health counselling and problematic substance use treatment services for individuals and families in the Greater Victoria area. I am committed to providing client-directed, outcome-informed counselling via a continuum of high quality care. My goal is helping to improve my clients lives by focusing on their strengths and abilities to create a healthy personal viewpoint that nurtures, endures and sustains.

Counselling Rates: $100.00 per hour
Couples Counselling: the initial session is 150.00 as 1.5 hrs required for couples perspectives, goal-setting and recommendations.

Please call anytime.


Alan Boden, Registered Clinical Counsellor
North Star Counselling Services
#201 - 2187 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8R1G4
Cell: 250-686-9912